Klaus-Dieter Böse:
Interview about his partnership with pro t-m

Please introduce yourself:

For more than 25 years, I have been working on change processes in companies and people. I understand the requirements today’s companies have to adapt to and the needs of employees very well. To proft from this experience is, what  I offer to companies and employees in change management projects, in the areas of transport and logistics by means of coaching and consulting services.

What is the stimulus to participate in pro t-m?

Service offers, specific requirements, personal availability and portfolio play an increasingly important role in the ever changing consulting market. To solve this within a network is challenging – on your own it is impossible.

The right choice of partners and cooperation is therefore of great importance.
pro t-m gives me exactly the right framework. Dynamic, innovative and a wealth of expertise and competence.

Bundling our competences, knowledge and experience is a great advantage for our customers, which is reflected in an expanded offer and consulting competence.

Both with the philosophy and approach of pro t-m, I can identify perfectly – and make a powerful presence with bundled competencies effectively available to the customer

What is the partnership based upon?

In past projects with pro t-m we were able to find out how the other side is working, which approaches and methods are respectively applied.

To complement each other’s competences, to trust and to appreciate common values, plays an important role in our cooperation.

Still, there always remains time and space for joint fun and humor – positive energy from this is also felt by our customers.